Other Publications

Grandmother's Path, Grandfather's Way, Vang Lue & Lewis Judy, 1987 (with support from Zellerbach Family Fund). Bilingual book of oral lore and tradiitonal Hmong crafts. Recorded from elders, transcribed, translated. Brief background information about the topic.

Hmong Visual, Oral, and Social Design: Innovation within a Frame of the Familiar (unpublished M.A. thesis), Judy Lewis, 1993

Hmong in Thailand: A Photoessay, Lue Vang & Judy Lewis, 1987. Photos and commentary about experiences in Thailand, in English and Hmong, from Lao-Hmong and falang (Westerner) points of view.

Hmong Info Pages, developed for use in the Hmong in America community project funded by the Chippewa Valley Museum.

Publications of the Southeast Asia Community Resource Center

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